Peter. 22.

I didn't actually intended to post on this blog. Then I did. Oops.

You will find here: mostly fandom things. Occasionally NSFW.

Current fandoms/obsessions are: Homestuck, various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, British TV in general, tabletop gaming, various comicky things and art.

Gifs are not mine unless tagged as such. If you want to save them, be my guest. There's no need to credit.




Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.

omg jen thunderpaw omg


if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you


*puts pocky stick in my mouth* see, its a metaphor, i put the weeaboo thing in my mouth without eating it, so im technically not a weeb